Hamid Mirza, Barrister-at-Law & Registered Migration Agent   Hamid Mirza, Barrister-at-Law and Registered Migration Agent, possesses one key attribute that sets him apart from other legal practitioners – his ability to listen to the client. It is a simple and vital skill but one that is commonly overlooked in the legal arena. Hamid not only listens, he listens energetically and critically.  This enables him to comprehend the requirements and aspirations of his client, to critically analyse the merits of his client’s case, and to devise appropriate legal strategies and solutions that are tailor-made to addressing the needs of the client.  The emphasis that Hamid places on listening facilitates him to deliver legal advisory and representation services that are practical, clear and effective.

  Hamid maintains chambers in Sydney and Brisbane and provides legal services in the areas of:   Tax Law Commercial Law Family Law Property Law Trusts and Estates Migration Law Transport and Freight Law And all aspects of litigation What sets Hamid apart from other lawyers and advisors is that he is able to quickly comprehend his clients' needs and is agile and flexible enough to personally delivery value-adding legal advice which is practical and prompt.

For expert legal advice and representation, please ask your solicitor or professional advisor to call Hamid today on (02) 8006 2650 or (07) 3040 1065or click the green ‘make an Enquiry’ button to the right to enquire online.

Click here to see what our Clients have said Hamid is able to appreciate the multiple varying and competing perspectives to the same legal problem.  He opens up legal avenues and possibilities when his peers are unable to by thinking “outside the box”.  Hamid is instructed by solicitors. 

The types of solicitors Hamid commonly assists are: Solicitors in sole practice Solicitors in boutique or mid-tier firms In house solicitors Solicitors in accountancy practices  


Frequently Asked Questions Q:       

How is Hamid able to assist solicitors who are sole practitioners?

A:        Hamid is able to assist sole practitioners particularly in complex cases, in matters concerning a particular area of law outside the practitioner’s area of expertise or competence, or where a sole practitioner simply is limited by time and resources (or needs to concentrate on other matters) and needs the assistance of another diligent practitioner without losing his/her client.

Q:        Is Hamid able to take on criminal law matters?

A:        No.  Hamid does not practise in the area of criminal law.

Q:        Can I engage Hamid directly as barrister or do I need to retain a solicitor?

A:        Hamid does not accept briefs from members of the public.  He only accepts briefs from instructing solicitors. To engage the services of Hamid, you need to retain a solicitor.    Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation